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Nonferrous Metals Material
Electronics Related Materials ,,,
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Carbide Tools
Grinding Tools / Antifriction ,,,
Powder Alloy Products/Precisio,,,
Electrical Automotive Parts/ A,,,
Special Alloy Products
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Aluminum Products
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Clad Products / Environmental Manipulation and Recycling Products / High Temperature Insulation Products

Clad ProductsBACLAD Steel Plate, Cryo Coup Joint (CCJ), Structural Transition Joint (STJ), Electrical Transition Joint (ETJ)
Recycling ProductsNonmagnetic Metal Separator
Hanging Type Permanent/Electric Magnetic Separator
Environmental Manipulation ProductsVibration Isolator, Seismic Isolator, Sound Arrester, Noise & Vibration Damping Material
Metal Cleaning/Degreasing System
Kasei Remover, Remover ( Resin, Paint, Adhesive, others )
High Temperature Insulation ProductsMAFTEC Blanket, MAFTEC Bulk, MAFTEC OBM ( Resin Impregnated Mat )