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Nonferrous Metals Material

TinImport Tin, Mitsubishi Electric Tin, Plating Plate, Tin Pole, Tin Oxide, Chip, Foil, Wire
LeadElectric Lead, Recycle Lead, Hard Lead, Lead Products ( Pipe, Plate, Wire Shot, Powder ), Fishing Weight, Precision Balancer
ZincElectro Zinc, Distilling Zinc, Plating Plate
CopperElectric Copper, Ingot Copper ( Billet, Cake ), Electric Wire, Foil, Powder, Copper Alloy, Scrap
AluminumVirgin Ingot, Alloy Ingot, Recycle Ingot, Diecast, Casting, Plaiting, Powder, Forming Material KN Series, High Thermal Conductive Alloy DMS Series
NickelPlating/Melting Nickel, Briquette
AntimonyBase Metal, Shot, Three Oxide
Rare MetalCobalt, Bismuth, Indium, Selenium, Cadmium, High Purity Metal
Lead-Tin AlloySolder ( Bar, Wire ), Lead Free Solder, White Metal, Low Melting Alloy
Zinc AlloyAZC ( Diecast, Die ), CPZ (Anticorrosion zinc anode)
Copper AlloysPhosphoric copper anode (Plate, Bar, Ball), Phosphor copper (Ingots, Shot), Mother alloy
Ferro alloysFerro-tungsten, Ferro molybdenum, Ferro-aluminum, etc.
Shape memory alloysParty of nickel and titanium, Party of nickel, Titanium and copper
Noble MetalGold, Silver (Ingots, Shot), Coin, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Pewter
Metal FiberNASLON ( Heat Resisting Material, Asbestos Alternatives Material )
Stainless Steel Wire