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Nonferrous Metals Material
Electronics Related Materials ,,,
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Carbide Tools
Grinding Tools / Antifriction ,,,
Powder Alloy Products/Precisio,,,
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Special Alloy Products
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Aluminum Products
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Aluminum Products

Aluminum MaterialPlates, Coils
General Materials, Standardized Articles, Heat Exchange Aluminum Fins, Colored Aluminum, Structural Plates, VB Sheets, Bus Bars
Die Material, Tubes, Bars, Wires
General Die Material, Structural Materials, Heat Exchanger Material, Drawn Tubes, Drawn Bars, Drawn Wires, Welding wires
Plain Foils, Flat Plates, Packages for Food-Service, Various Fabricated Foils
Aluminum ProductsDie Cast
Automotive, Electronics Products, Heat Exchangers, OA Products, Structural Materials
Casting/Forging Products
Cold Forging, Hot Forging, Forging, Lost Wax
Precision Processing
Machining Processing, Long Parts Machining, Press Process
Surface Treatment
Normal/Shot Anodized Aluminum, TUFRAM, Silk-Screen Process, Cation Electrostatic Painting, Heat Resistant Painting, Self-Cleaning Painting
Various parts assembly
Spot/Projection Welding, Soldering, Plural Parts Assembly
VB Products, Ladders, Stepladders, Louvers of Illumination, Impacted Products, Punched Products, Honey-Comb Products, Heat Sink, Electromagnetic Wave Shield Material