Izawa America, Inc


Izawa America Provide High Quality Services.

Distribution ServiceIzawa America imports products on behalf of the Maker, and Izawa America keeps this product in a warehouse which Izawa America manages.
Izawa America delivers these products to customer on behalf of the Maker.
Izawa America performs the delivery products with customer’s packing specifications, and Izawa America has actual experience of shipment to Central/South America including Mexico and Brazil as well as North America.

Warehouse / Inventory Control ServicesThe product is kept in a warehouse of Izawa America and delivers it in the schedule of a maker or the customer.
It is not necessary to deliver a large quantity of stock to a customer and the customer can keep the stock space a minimum.
Izawa America makes an order to maker from the delivery schedule of the customer.

Just In Time (KANBAN) Delivery ServicesIf there is the demand of the customer, Izawa America makes and attaches labels of the customer designation and performs the Kamban delivery.

Customer Support ServiceIzawa America performs the correspondence to a customer as the primary contact and coordinates it with Marker and solves the problem.